Welcome to my page :P

This site is a work in progress! I'm kinda new to coding lmao.

This CSS was made with sadgirlonline's layout builder! I suck at CSS so this has been a huge help lol

Warning: This site is very cringe!!! But mostly silly :>

My neocities profile!

Other cool sites below:

nerds site

This website doesn't look good on mobile :( Made for desktop only

Note that almost every page will autoplay music from Soundcloud (except for mobile users)!!! Turn down your volume lmao. Scroll all the way to the bottom if you wanna pause it


  • Add smth to blogging page???
  • Move the nav bar somewhere else cause it's too small to fit all my pages :(
  • Make pages different from each other so they aren't a boring snorefest (???)
  • More small pixels and gifs and secret pages wooo
  • Some cursors would be cool
  • favorite songs page :3
  • shrines??!?!?!?!?
  • gaymes

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